About Pheel

This is Pheel.

Pheel creates, develops and operates experiences in Events, Sports, Adventure and Destinations.

Our ambition is to be at the forefront for adventure & sports events and experiences in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. By becoming the preferred point of engagement through integrated offline and online events, our projects engage and innovate in all aspects of the experience.

We are dedicated to taking people on thrilling journeys, new adventures and experiences, leaving them with lasting impressions and unforgettable stories to share.

Our business lines comprise:

  • Destinations
  • Activation Events
  • Adventure Experiences
  • eSports Events

Meet our network partners.

We believe our biggest strength lies in curating and linking talent. Our collaborative approach gives us the freedom to build a strong community by engaging people – participants, costumers, business partners & fans – who share our passion and way of thinking.

Drawing from this, we are constantly adding both local and world class partners to our network. Strong local partners allow us to localize events. All our partners have remarkable experience and know-how in launching keystone events such as the Dakar Rally in 2019.

Our international network of partners gives us access to talents and expertise to individuals, responsible for some of the most daring and exciting events of the last two decades such as the organization and management of the Red Bull Base Jumping and Wingsuit flying.

B2B - business opportunities

Pheel is a platform for people, companies and brands to create the extraordinary.

While developing projects in all PHEEL business fields, we always look for partners who share our passion for new ventures and want to join us in redefining “entertainment” by launching projects at an unprecedented level.

We offer different investment opportunities or sponsorships within our projects but are also happy to discover and elaborate new ideas and projects.

If you are interested in more detailed information about investment or sponsorship opportunities, please register below with your e-mail address to access our B2B information board.

Join us in making innovative, stunning projects come alive for Saudi Arabia to become a major player on the global entertainment market!

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