Welcome to the World of Pheel

Pheel was founded in January 2020 with the objective of bringing in a new age in Saudi Arabia’s entertainment and event sector. On this journey, we certainly deliver on our promise to redefine the concept of events & experiences in our beautiful country!

We are ambitious, inspiring & engaging – in short: we are true adventurers.

We are eager to take on challenges and inspire other people to follow in this footsteps and share our passion. Our mission is to change Saudi Arabia’s view of experiencing entertainment and sports. Our purpose is to conceptualize and deliver experiences to residents and visitors of Saudi Arabia, showcasing the wonders of our culture, history and heritage. 

Pheel is dedicated to bestowing one-of-a-kind experiences to our sophisticated, adventurous customers. Therefore, we provide international top expertise to host global events and focus on the creation of stunning, innovative stand-alone projects to be launched across the country. Moreover, we capture brand-new markets such as eGaming. 

Pheel has quickly become the hub of Saudi-Arabian’s event, entertainment & leisure industry and epitomizes event conceptualization, implementation and management at the highest stage. We create one-of-a-kind, spectacular events and innovations, taking ‘entertainment’ to a whole new level. Therefore, we at Pheel are actively engaged in developing projects in three key areas:

  • Sports and Adventure Events: Creation, Management and Hospitality
  • Destinations: Creation and Management
  • eSports: Creation and operation of tournaments
We are dedicated to taking people on thrilling journeys, new adventures and experiences, leaving them with lasting impressions and unforgettable stories to share.
Stay tuned for more information about all upcoming spectacular projects! 

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